Careers Division Submissions Report


 Scholarly Program

The 2014 Careers Division Program Chair was Tania Casado, from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Tania did a first class job of putting together a diverse and high caliber menu of scholarly papers and Symposia. The following draws on Tania's report providing information about submissions, the review process and other related matters:

Our final Scholarly Program comprised:

16 Symposia (of which were jointly sponsored by a variety of Divisions including: OB, HR, GDO, OMT, MOC, MED, MH, BPS, ENT & SIM)

We had 14 paper sessions (4 papers in each)

2 Discussion paper sessions

A Plenary Session: "Work-Life Integration Insights"

The Everett Cherrington Hughes Award Speech by Professor John Van Maanen (the 2013 Recipient). Please note that this speech will be available on the CAR website shortly.


141 people signed up to review for the Careers Division, of which 136 were invited to review one or more papers. Unfortunately some people who had signed up to  review were unable to complete their review by the deadline but thankfully 73 members agreed to do 'emergency' reviews.

Given the collegiality of those who signed up to review each paper was reviewed by three people, providing appropriate feedback.

All reviewers were rated by the authors of the respective papers according to the 'usefulness and constructiveness' of their view, Tania also took into account whether or not the review had been completed on time. For 2014 seventeen reviewers received a 'Best Reviewer Award'

  • Ana Carolina de Aguiar Rodrigues

  • Angeli Kishor

  • Belgin Okay-Somerville

  • D'Lisa N.McKee

  • Evgenia Lysova

  • Holly Slay Ferraro

  • Jon P. Briscoe

  • Julia Richardson

  • Kimberly Eddleston

  • Laura Guerrero

  • Lotte Bailyn

  • Madeline M. Crocitto

  • Monica L.Forret

  • Peter A. Heslin

  • S.Gayle Baugh

  • Sherry E. Sullivan

  • Yehuda Baruch


The 2014 Professional Development Workshop (PDW) Chair was Corinne Post from Lehigh University, USA. Given the restrictions in how much time each Division is allocated for its pre-scholarly program (PDWs), Corinne was faced with the  difficult task of selecting from a high caliber pool of submissions.

Each year each Division is allocated a specific number of PDW hours - in 2014 24 PDW proposals were submitted, which is over twice the number of submissions we usually receive. However, due to these restrictions only 9 submissions could be accepted to fit into the number of hours allocated to us. In 2013  we received 11 submissions for the AOM in Orlando, in 2012 we received 13 for the AOM in Boston. The good news, however, is that given the high number of submissions for 2014 our allocated hours is likely to increase in for 2015.

The final program of PDWs included the following:

  • Doctoral Consortium

  • Post-Doc Opportunities

  • Industry to Academic Transition

  • Professors without Borders

  • Translating Scholarship to Practice-Oriented Outlets

  • Having it All: Balance in Academia

  • Social Networks and Identity

  • Careers in the Rough

  • Publishing in Top Careers Journals

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