Careers Division Awards


Best Paper Awards: The Process

1. Conduct and write your very best careers research and submit your paper to the Careers Division of the AOM.

2. Reviewers nominate the best papers for the awards (note that all reviews conducted for the AOM are blind).

3. The Program Chair (in 2014 this was Tania Casado) identifies 3-4 papers, based on the reviewer award nominations, ratings, and comments. The nominations are then sent to the Careers Division Chair Elect (in 2014 this was Kim Eddleston) who oversees the nominations and evaluations process (in conjunction with an Awards Committee for each of the awards).

4. The Division Chair-Elect assembles an Awards Committee for each of the awards. This Committee will rank and provide written feedback on each of the nominated papers. The final decision is made by the respective Committee in a collegial fashion.

BEST OVERALL PAPER: Sponsored by Emerald Publishers 

Overall Winner: Matthew, J. Bidwell and Ethan Mollick, for Shifts and Ladders: Comparing the Role of Internal and External Mobility in Executive Careers


Peter, A. Heslin & Ute-Christine Klehe, for Managerial Career Demise: Potential Roots in Moral Disengagement

Shoshana Dobrow Riza & Daniel Heller, for Siren Song? A Longitudinal Study of the Facilitating Role of Calling and Ability in Career Pursuit

Elsa Chan, for Learning Behavior and Leader Workplace Influence: The Mediating Effect of Leader Mentoring Behavior

Best Paper Award Committee: Jamie Ladge, Gina Dokko, Angeli Kishore & Belle Rose Ragins

ARNON REICHERS BEST STUDENT PAPER : Sponsored by The Reed Career Centre

Overall Winner: Claudia Holtschlag, B. Sebastian Reiche, Aline D. Masuda & Elisabet Garriga, for How and When Does CSE Predict Career Satisfaction? The Roles of Career Goals and Embeddedness


Colin Idzert Sarkies Lee, Will Felps & Yehuda Baruch, for Mapping Career Studies: A Bilbiometric Analysis

Elsa Chan, for Learning Behavior and Leader Workplace Influences: The Mediating Effect of Leader Mentoring Behavior

Award Commitee: Monica Forret, Marcelo Ribeiro, Jeffrey Yip & Richard Cotton


Overall Winner: Akram Al Ariss, Nikos Bozionelos & Celine Legrand for The Dynamics of the Careers of Migrant CEOs


Arpita Joardar, for A Study of Expatriate Career Intention

Fida Afiouni, for Women's Careers in Academia: Understanding Local Constraints to the Boundaryless Career View

Award Committee: Svetlana Khapova, George Benson & Marla Baskerville Watkins

BEST APPLIED PAPER: Sponsored by the Reed Career Centre

Overall Winner: Yan Shen, Richard Donald Cotton & Kathy E. Kram, for Advancing the Study of Developmental Networks to Include Developer Types and Person-Network Fit


Robert W. Renn, Robert Steinbauer, Robert R. Taylor & Daniel James Detwiler, for Mentor Career Support and Protégé Career Planning and Self-Defeating Job Search Behaviour

Award Committee: Jessica Greenwald, Sigmar Malvezzi & Hetty Van Emmerick


Best Symposium for 2014 - Program Chair identified the three highest rated symposia and considered overall rigor and contribution. Nominated symposia were sent to an Award Committee in 2014 to choose an award recipient. The award recipient was decided based on the rankings provided by the Committee members.

Overall Winner:The Golden Years? Identity, Choice and Serendipity in Retiring from an Academic Career

Organizer & Chair: Lotte Bailyn

Panelists: Myron Fottler, Deborah M. Kolb, Roy J. Lewicki, Barry M.Staw & D. Eleanor Westney


Examining the Antecedent of Family-Supportive Supervisory Behaviors

Chairs: Jaclyn Margolis & Russell A. Matthews

Discussant: Laurent M. Lapierre

Presenters: Blythe L. Rosikiewcz, Katrina A. Graham, Jaclyn Margolis, Jeffrey Greenhaus, Russell A. Matthews, Benjamin Walsh, Rachel C. Trout, Julie Holliday Wayne, Sara McKersie, David E. Caughlin, Leslie B. Hammer, Todd Bodner, Ellen Ernst Kossek, Phyliis Moen, Orfeu Buxton, Katie Lawson, Rebecca J. Thompson, David Almeida


Persons with Disabilities and Entrenpreneurship: Barriers and Opportunities

Organizers: Lizabeth A. Barclay & Karen S. Markel

Discussants: Mark Simon & Caren Goldberg

Presenters: David J. G. Dwertmann, Bruce Martin, Benson Honig, Maija Renko, Sarah Parker Harris

Best Symposium Award Committee: Sally Power, Yehuda Baruch, Ana Carolina A. Rodrigues & Marcelo Ribeiro


Overall Winner: A Wise Choice of Vocation: Career Exploration and Identity

Organiser & Chair: Ute-Christine Klhehe

Discussant: Douglas T. Hall

Presenters: Maximilian Bernhard Walter Buyken; Ute-Christine Klehe, Matthias Baum, Vanessa Jansch, Andreas Hirshi, Ans De Vos, Ine Willemse, Dirk Buyens, Jessie Koen, Jelena Ziki, Annelies E.M. Van Vianen

Process: Winner based on reviewers comments and audience Feedback

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