Hughes Award: John Van Maanen

Presentation of the Everett Cherrington Hughes Award

AOM Orlando, 2013

Professor John Van Maanen from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was awarded the Careers Division’s highest honor, the Everett Cherrington Hughes Award for Careers Scholarship at the AOM Meeting in Orlando, Florida.

Professor Maury Peiperl introduced Professor Van Maanen providing testimonies from reknown scholars in the field of careers and related disciplines. Professor Peiperl's introduction recognized Professor Van Maanen's outstanding contribution to our understanding of careers and his role in connecting the field to other disciplines.

Professor Van Maanen will be presenting his Hughes Award speech at the AOM Meeting in Philadelphia in 2014. This speech will be a highlight of the Careers Division Program, further details to be announced.

The Hughes award recognizes scholarship which has made a significant contribution to the task of linking careers theory with the broader field of organization studies. It is the Careers Division’s premier award, a way of honoring those who have worked to build bridges between careers and other areas of organizational enquiry.

The aim of this award is to acknowledge the work of scholars who have forged, rather than severed, connections between careers and other fields of social inquiry. The award carries, with the permission of his family, the name of Everett Cherrington Hughes. It does so to commemorate his seminal role in establishing careers as an object of scholarly study, but more particularly because it rewards the kind of contribution his work embodied. Past recipients of the award are: Edgar Schein, Tim Hall, Lotte Bailyn, Michael Arthur, Jeffrey Greenhaus, Barbara Lawrence, and Kathy Kram.     

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