Five-Year Divisional Review (2014)




Every five years each Division of the Academy of Management is required to undergo a 'Review' in order to enhance the services it provides to its members and to the Academy more generally. Between 2013 and 2014 the Careers Division underwent such a review under the leadership of the 2013-2014 Chair, Peter Heslin. This was a huge task, requiring many hundreds of hours collecting data, conducting data analysis and writing an in-depth report which was presented to the Academy leadership for their feedback.

The Five-Year Review Committee for the Careers Division, comprised six members of the Executive, as required by the AOM regulations. These were: Peter Heslin (Chair), Gina Dokko (Secretary), Kim Eddleston (Chair Elect), Svetlana Khapova (Previous Chair) & Julia Richardson (Immediate Past Chair).

The following information was presented by Peter Heslin at the Divisional Business Meeting at the AOM in 2014.

Review Rationale:

  • To reflect, learn and move forward together in meeting our responsibilities
  • To create a record against which the next generation of officers can measure the Division's progress
  • To ennable Divisions to meet their basic obligations - as stewards of a large portion of Academy revenues - to formally check the sentiments of members and report to them about future plans
  • To be re-accredited as an AOM Division

Sources of Data:

  • Insights form the AOM standard metrics, which includes hard data on issues such as annual membership of different types, submissions, reviewers, acceptance rates etc.
  • Results of the 2013 CAR member survey (thanks to the hundreds of you who participated in this survey)
  • Health and governance checklist (completed by the Review Committee, addressing issues such as governance, programs, finances etc)
  • Initiatives since our last five-year review (the extent to which we did what we said we would do then)

Careers Division Membership 5-Year Trends


5-Year % Change (2010-2014)


Careers Division Overall AoM
US-Based -9.7% -7.6%
International 17.7% 8.8%
Student  4.9% -0.8%



Results of Member Survey (response rate 34%)


  • Small size
  • Promoting important values that members share
  • Chance to share knowledge, results, ideas etc
  • Openness of the Division (i.e. fair and open elections and awards)
  • Friendliness, inclusiveness and sense of community
  • Chance to interact and network
  • High quality PDWs & academic sessions
  • Fun!
  • Chance to build relationships, friendship and support
  • Willingness to recommend our Division
  • Growth in international membership


Area for further development and initiatives moving forward:


Composition & Culture

  • Membership: Decline in the number of new and student members
  • Perceptions of elitism: Can feel like a clique - leadership hard to break into
  • Initiative: Careers Ambassador Program, to be led by Wolfgang Mayhofer, University of Vienna. This initiatve seeks to enhance the diversity of members and especially encourage new members to join, particularly up and coming/junior scholars.



  • Participation: Fewer members serving as Chair or Discussant (6%) and in volunteering (7%)
  • Contribution: Understanding, willingness and opportunities
  • Initiative: Knowledge Development Committee, led by Svetlana Khapova, University of Amsterdam. This initiative seeks to enhance participation by existing members and to provide support structures for more collaboration between members during and beyond the annual meeting.


Services Provided:

  • Engaging doctoral students and junior faculty
  • Website use and features
  • Award criteria and transparency
  • Initiative: We will be making a concerted effort to enhance transparency of all our decision making processes, for example with regard to how awards are given, how elections are run (information about these issue is provided on the website alongside announcement of winners of each of the respective awards/election outcomes). Julia Richardson, York University, is the current webmaster and will be working with members to enhance the website to provide more information about the Division and opportunities for involvement.


Divisional Leadership:

  • Fundraising Committee, Sherry Sullivan (Bowling Green State University) and Johnna Capitano (Drexel University) are going to be working together to enhance our connections with potential donors. Donations may be used to support events at the annual meeting, awards and other activities.
  • Gauging member preferences: PDW Survey. Following up on an initiative introduced by Peter Heslin in 2013, we will be doing a survey after each AOM meeting to gauge members experiences of PDWs. This will help to put together future PDW programs which best support our members needs.
  • Leadership: We will be developing several initiatives to encourage a consistent flow of members willing to take leadership roles. This will include providing more information about the election process so that those members who are interested can co-ordinate their time to fill the positions as they become available.


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